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Daniel A. Camargo was born in an extensive family of high caliber artists, and architects, enticing in him a strong desire for making it.

His work is inspired by a very simple principle, yet so powerful, and so full of complexity: LIFE. - The abundance we have in this Planet, and around the Cosmos. Mutation and adaptation, the nonexistence of time, a power that unravels itself into both ends, the Light, and the Shadows. 

“Daniel’s abstract paintings and sculptural pieces depict organic shapes and figures in unique ways, enticing viewers to add their own emotions and interpretations." Sandi Cottrell, director of Mission Federal ArtWalk. 

All this intrinsic mix of planes, perspectives, and the psychological elements and spiritual entities, designed with deliberate simplicity is what makes his art special, fitting him into a brand new art genre, the self-proclaimed: Comic Mystic Surrealism.

Daniel A. Camargo has been part of numerous collective, and solo exhibitions throughout North and South Americas. Click here for upcoming shows, and contact us to say hi!