Daniel Camargo was born in an extensive family of artists, and architects in Brazil, enticing in him a strong affinity for both professions.

His inspiration comes from the ability to reach to another dimension, and extract the essence of one moment into an art piece.

With the abundance of LIFE on Earth, and around the Cosmos, mutation and adaptation seems to be a rule of which we all share as live beings. The nonexistence of time, a force that unravels itself into both ends: the Light, and the Shadow

Daniel’s work is one of withdrawing from the matter everything that is not the matter. A reckless search to answer a true question that emanates off the piece. A reckless search for beauty.

“Before we want to control Nature, we must first learn how to obey it.”

“Daniel’s abstract paintings and sculptural pieces depict organic shapes and figures in unique ways, enticing viewers to add their own emotions and interpretations." Sandi Cottrell, director of Mission Federal ArtWalk.

With several solo and collective exhibitions in the U.S. and Brazil, Camargo lives in California among Family, architecture, art, and music. Click here to learn about upcoming shows and events, or contact us for pricing, and commission work.