Daniel Camargo is from Curitiba, the Capital of Parana, in the Southern tail of Brazil. Born in the heart of an extensive family of artists, Daniel has been deeply involved with art since very early age. “...the only thing that would stop a hyperactive young boy for hours away, were his drawings and his sculptures.” - said his Mother.

His ultimate inspiration comes from life, and its varieties and possibilities. As simple as it is Powerful, with the abundance of life in this Planet and around the Cosmos, mutation and adaptation seems to be a rule of which we all share as live beings. The Nonexistence of time, the evidence of Multi-Dimensions. A Force that unravels itself into both ends: the Light, and the Shadow.

“Daniel’s abstract paintings and sculptural pieces depict organic shapes and figures in unique ways, enticing viewers to add their own emotions and interpretations." - Sandi Cottrell, director of Mission Federal ArtWalk, San Diego.

With several individual, and collective exhibits in the U.S. and in Brazil, Camargo lives with his wife, and kids, surrounded by art, music and architecture.

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