Daniel Camargo hails from an extensive family of artists in the Southern region of Brazil. Poets, writers, painters, architects, enticing in him a strong desire for making it. Graduated in Industrial Design, Graphic Arts, and with a bachelor in Architecture, Daniel moved to the U.S. in the Spring of two thousand and four.

The entire body of his most mature work springs from early 2010. From that point on in his life, a switch was turned. The level of devotion and excellence given to each piece, brought the experience to a whole new level. Personally, and spiritually. Daniel is highly inspired by the world that reveals itself at every piece. He considers his work as one of documenting the essence of a moment, a Transition happening somewhere in time. Mutation and adaptation seems to be a rule of which we all share as live beings. The nonexistence of time, the concept of Multi-Universe. An energy that unravels itself into both ends: the Light, and the Shadows.

“Daniel’s abstract paintings and sculptural pieces depict organic shapes and figures in unique ways, enticing viewers to add their own emotions and interpretations." - Sandi Cottrell, director of Mission Federal ArtWalk, San Diego.